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Live Drums vs Drum loops

Calvin Rodgers Zamar Music Ministries

Today, it is very easy to add drums to your song. Every time you turn around you will see someone releasing high quality drum loops. Because of the amount of drum loops out there, you are bound to find some that will work for you. Your drum track can make or break your entire production. Drums are the most important part of the production. Did you ever ask yourself why professional artists use live drummers on their projects? Is it because they do not have access to drum loops? Certainly not. As a matter of fact, professional artists have access to and use many drum loops on their songs. The pros know that a great live drum performance adds a dynamic that is extremly hard to describe and impossible to duplicate. The vibe that is added to your production gives it validity. It can take a production from just being average to becoming excellent. The opposite is also true. No matter how great the rest of your production sounds, inferior drums will make the entire production suffer.

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