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Studio Tips and Info.

When going into a recording session, preparedness is the key. Many clients throwaway money because of the amount of time it takes to complete their material due to unpreparedness.


Your Song


Make sure the song is completed before you go into the studio.  The entire arrangement should be finalized.  You should also know what key the song is in, if and where there are key changes, and the tempo of the song.   You should also work out and harmonies that you want.


The Vocalists


Make sure all of the vocalists know the song. They should know both the lyrics and their vocal parts. Getting to the studio on time is also important. Rushing into the studio and then singing can make for a poor performance. The vocalist should be relaxed when recording. It is also important for the vocalist to warm up his or her voice. Warming up before recording is very crucial to the project. 



The Musicians


Make sure all the bandmembers know the music and are gelling as a band.  Practicing is the key.  Do as many rehearsals as needed before you go into the studio.  Musicians figuring out his or her parts on the clock can distroy your recording budget.  Recording your rehearsals is essential.  You will hear things that you did not hear when you playback what was recorded.  The tape does not lie.  



Your Instrument


Your instrument should be in good condition when you go into the studio. It will be cheaper to fix your instrument than to deal with the problems it will cause during the recording process.  Check your instrument jacks, pots and cables.  Make sure to check guitar strings and drum heads too.  Remember to have extra strings, reeds, and drum heads.  Not coming prepared can ruin your recording session and add cost to the project. 





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