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Frequently Asked Questions



How many tracks can be recorded at a time?


We can record an unlimited amount of tracks at a time.


How many hours are in a day rate?

A typical block day rate is 8 hours @ $30/hr.


Do you provide mastering?
No.  Although DAWs today come with mastering plug-ins, it is really a different art. To really get a professional mastering job done, acoustically tuned rooms and specialized equipment are needed. We are partnered with Disc Makers and John Vestman who regularly master for our studio. The client can use one of our partners or can take the files to another mastering engineer.


What styles of music do you record?


We record christian music. We have producers who specialize in praise and worship, caribbean gospel, gospel rap, and hymns. These are the styles we are most experienced with.


Do you pitch music to publishers and writers?


No.  We are just a recording studio, not a publisher or record label.


Does Zamar Music Ministries provide musicians?


Yes.  The client can use their own musicians or can use ours.  We have a roster of some of the finest studio musicians on the Gospel scene


Do I need to copyright my song?


Technically, your song is copyrighted the minute you put it on paper. You do not need to copyright your song right away, but it is a good idea. It is advisable to copyright a song that gets a lot of exposure.


How do I copyright my song?


You go to Print out the CO form and send it in with a copy of your song or collection of songs and a check that covers the registration fee $45 per song or multiple songs. If you do it electronically, it only costs you $35.


Do I have to live in NY to record with Zamar Music Ministries?


No.  You can live anywhere in the world and record with us.  Click here to get started.

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