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The drum set is probably the hardest instrument to record well. It is also considered to be the most important instrument in a recording session. If it is not recorded well, it will make everything sound bad. The opposite is also true, a great drum recording and performance can make everything sound great. Drums are very dynamic. It takes great care to capture the different sound levels well. Because it requires many different types of microphones, phase issues is a given. 


  • Make sure you tune your drums to the song

  • Don't hit the cymbals too hard, be gentle

  • Be consistent when hitting the drums

  • Play with the click track, don't speed up or slow down

  • Make sure you don't overplay

  • Get it right during the recording, do not depend on editing

  • Make sure you are grooving with the bass

  • Make sure you are not going against the dynamics of the song

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