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How To Prepare Your Voice For Recording

  • Get lots of rest

  • Make sure to drink lots of water (water should be room temperature, not cold)

  • Herbal tea is good if you need something hot. Try not to make it too hot

  • If your throat feels really dry when you wake, gargle with a light salt-water solution

  • Try not to gargle with mouthwash that contains alcohol.  Alcohol dries out your nasal passages

  • Take deep breaths in the shower to moisten your breathing passages

  • Avoid acidic juices like orange juice or any other citrus items

  • Avoid too much sugar.  It increases mucus production

  • Avoid dairy products a few hours before recording.  They also increase mucus production

Important: taking care of your voice is important for all singers, speakers, secretaries, and teachers.  Click here to learn how to preserve your voice.

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