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Avoiding Vocal Abuse

Vocal abuse is very common with everyone.  Most people go through their lives abusing their voice every day without knowing it.  Something as simple as whispering is damaging to the voice.  Whispering puts more strain on the voice than speaking normally.  The vocal folds are squeezed together more tightly when whispering.  Even clearing your throat is damaging.  In order to protect the voice, it is important to avoid whispering, clearing your throat, yelling, speaking around noisy situations, speaking for long periods of time, smoking, and consuming alcohol.  Below is a list of suggestions that can help perserve the voice.




  • Speak softly instead of whisping

  • When speaking to someone, make you're not too far away from them

  • Rest your voices at some point every day

  • When you're speaking to a large group, use amplification

  • Do not clear your throat

  • Try to limit coughing

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